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Research overview

Broadly speaking, I am interested in the interface between phonetics and phonology, and how that interface can inform our models of phonological representation: How much phonetic information is in the phonology? What is the nature of that information? What is left for the phonetics? In my work I strive to integrate the major insights from gestural and featural approaches, as well as neurally informed models of speech motor control. 

Language interests
  • Southeast Asian languages: Thai, Lao (Tai-Kadai); S'gaw Karen, Burmese (Tibeto-Burman)

  • Finnic languages: Finnish, Estonian; Votic, Lule Saami, Northern Saami

  • South Slavic languages: Particular focus on BCS dialectology and pitch accent systems

  • Budding interest in various Bantu languages, Otomanguean languages

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