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Expanding the gestural model of lexical tone: evidence from two dialects of Serbian

Laboratory Phonology

[open access]

Speakers monitor auditory feedback for temporal coincidence and linguistically relevant duration

coauthor: Benjamin Parrell 

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

[journal article]

Auditory feedback is used for adaptation and compensation in speech timing

coauthors: Chris Naber, Benjamin Parrell

Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research

[journal page][preprint]

Finnish inserted vowels: a case of phonologized excrescence

Nordic Journal of Linguistics

[open access]


Towards an articulatory model of tone: a cross-linguistic investigation

[final version]

Second mora phenomena in Central and Northern dialects of Finnish
Second qualifying paper

[Working Papers]

The articulatory TBU: gestural coordination of tone in Thai
First qualifying paper

[Working Papers]

The articulatory TBU: gestural coordination of tone in Thai
ASA 168, Indianapolis, IN, October 27-31

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Peer-reviewed presentations
































Lexical tone but not arbitrary f0 is co-planned with segmental gestures

Emily Tesch*, Robin Karlin*, Ding-lan Tang, Caroline A. Niziolek', Benjamin Parrell'

8th International Conference on Speech Motor Control, August 27-29


Adaptation to auditory perturbations of consonant duration in syllable onsets is modulated by phonemic category boundaries

Robin Karlin, Benjamin Parrell

Madonna Motor Speech Conference, February 17-20

Auditory feedback is used for both online and adaptive control of timing in speech

Robin Karlin, Chris Naber, Benjamin Parrell

International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP 12), December 14-18

[abstract] [poster

Adaptation in vowels for real-time temporal perturbation

Robin Karlin, Chris Naber, Benjamin Parrell

Acoustical Society of America (ASA 179), December 8-12



Perceptual evidence for the representation of English coda voicing

Chelsea Sanker, Robin Karlin 

LSA 2020, January 2-5


Extending the articulatory model of tone: the case of Valjevo Serbian

Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM27), May 23-25

[abstract] [poster]

Phonetic evidence for the phonological association of rising pitch accents in Valjevo Serbian
LabPhon16, June 19-22

[abstract] [poster]

The effects of onset consonants on peak timing in Belgrade Serbian
LSA 2018, January 4-7

[abstract] [slides] [proceedings]

The role of targets and timing in tonal representation
LSA 2017, January 5-8

[abstract] [slides]

The independence of the timing of tone and tone-bearing units: a study on Thai
TIE 2016, September 1-3

[abstract] [slides]

The coordination of tone gestures in Thai
MFM23, University of Manchester, May 28-30

[abstract] [slides]

The articulatory TBU: gestural coordination of tone in Thai
ASA 168, Indianapolis, IN, October 27-31

[poster] [proceedings]

Finnish dialectical epenthesis: two distinct types of vowel insertion
MFM22, University of Manchester, May 29-31

[abstract] [handout]

Invited talks





Interactions between domain-general motor functions and linguistic knowledge in speech timing 
Colloquium at the University of Southern California, February 6

Insights from timing on the phonetics-phonology interface 

Colloquium at UCLA, February 7


Effects of phonological structure on speech motor control of timing 

Colloquium at Institut für Phonetik und Sprachverarbeitung, November 24

The domain-generalizability of cerebellar timing mechanisms: a preliminary study 

Brain and Bagels seminar, UW-Madison, April 16


Towards an articulatory model of tone: an investigation on two dialects of Serbian

Invited colloquium at UW-Madison, July 1

Phonology in phonetics and phonetics in phonology: interactions between tones and segments

Invited colloquium at Rutgers University, March 29

The interface between phonetics and phonology: the case of Finnish vowel insertion

Invited teaching seminar at Rutgers University, March 28

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